Hélène Cecilia

Cecila Hélène

Cecilia Hélène

Hosted Post-Doc UMR 1300 BIOEPAR Adress: Oniris site de la Chantrerie, CS40706, 44307 Nantes, France Team DYNAMO, building G4 2nd floor Email: helene (point) cecilia (at) oniris-nantes (point) fr Tel: 02 72 20 29 31

To complete her degree in modeling and bioinformatics engineering at INSA Lyon, Helene realized an internship in Bristol, UK, at Bristol Robotics Laboratory. She built an agent-based model of nanoparticles delivery in brain cancer. She then tested her algorithm on a swarm of 1000 coin-sized Kilobots which she also helped building. The team presented their research at London Science Museum.

Then, she obtained her first job here in Bioepar, working on population dynamics of tsetse flies, the vector of human and animal African Trypanosomiasis. A spatio-temporal model was built (Cecilia et al. 2019) in partnership with the CIRAD, who provided laboratory and field data from the eradication campaign in Senegal. This work aimed at building a tool to design sustainable control strategies.

After a gap year partially spent travelling in South-East Asia, Helene came back in Bioepar in october 2018 to start her PhD. She is modelling the transmission dynamics of Rift Valley fever virus in West Africa (Cecilia et al. 2020), in a work package part of the FORESEE project. Her advisors are Pauline Ezanno (Bioepar), Raphaëlle Métras (INSERM, IPLESP, UMRS-1136) and Renaud Lancelot (CIRAD, UMR Astre). She is also collaborating with Dr Quirine ten Bosch (WUR) on a within-host model.

She is also very interested in science communication and involved in public outreach activities. She volunteers for Pint of Science and Le Labo des Savoirs, and she presented her work at Soapbox Science, an event promoting women scientists.

Research topics interests
  • Modelling
  • Mathematical biology
  • Population dynamics
  • Vector-borne diseases
  • Epidemiology
  • Ecology



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