Administrative and IT departments

Administrative and IT departments

Research support services

Research support missions are plural and essential to the smooth running of the unit.
  • Network and Information System Administration: the unit's network administrator and team are in constant contact with management, researchers and other users. They develop and implement IT solutions tailored to the needs of research teams and services. They provide IT support, deploy and administer hardware and software resources. They guarantee the security of data, access and the continuity of applications. Finally, they manage the information system of the unit and ensure its development in response to growing needs.
  • Administrative and financial management: unit managers provide administrative and financial management of the unit as well as human resources and partnerships. Not directly involved in research, they greatly facilitate the implementation of their actions throughout the year. They are also responsible for organizing events carried out by the unit, such as working meetings, seminars and symposia. They also welcome newcomers and help them integrate into the unit and the research institute to which they belong.
  • Documentation et communication : people involved in it are responsible for communicating about the unit, its scientific production and animation. With regard to documentary resources, they ensure all the parts of processing, exploitation and archiving of scientific documentation, whether of the unit or not.


Team members

Administrative and financial department

IT and documentation department


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