European project IMPRO

European project IMPRO

UMR BIOEPAR is participating in the European research project IMPRO "Innovative approaches to improve health practices in organic dairy farming: impact matrix and cost/benefit ratio" launched in October 2012 (see the brochure). It aims to improve the health of dairy cows in organic dairy farming by providing innovative consulting approaches to improve sanitary practices.

The first approach consists in bringing the health advisers and the breeder together to analyse the interrelationships existing between the different posts on his farm in order to identify the levers for securing the health of his animals. See the article devoted to this phase.

The second approach consists of structured mechanisms for monitoring herd health that stimulate their adoption by the farmer and facilitate exchanges with his health advisors. Thus, the classic guide to good practices will be replaced by a compendium of health objectives to be achieved in order to leave the choice of practices to the farmer. A herd health monitoring dashboard co-constructed by the farmer and his adviser will make it possible to adapt to the farmer's conception of health while alerting him to any health aberrations in his herd. UMR BIOEPAR is in charge of designing and evaluating this approach.

Work is also being carried out on the use of alternative medicines in animal husbandry: homeopathy in organic dairy cattle farming and phytotherapy in pig and poultry farming.


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