MIHMES-tools: Decision Support Tools

MIHMES-tools is a suite of innovative decision support tools for controlling the spread of pathogens for animal health professionals.

The MIHMES tools aim to:

  • Simulate the impact of control measures over a given period,
  • Evaluate the measures to implement the most suitable ones,
  • Anticipate and adjust control costs,
  • Adapt the measures to a specific situation and scale them up.

They deal with Bovine Viral Diarrhea and Paratuberculosis in two separate tools.





Pauline Ezanno - pauline.ezanno(at)oniris-nantes.fr

See also

MIHMES-tools access website : http://www.mihmestools.eu/

Video explaining bioinformatics at the service of animal health : http://www.angers-nantes.inra.fr/Toutes-les-actualites/la-bio-informatique-au-service-de-la-sante-animale

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