Effects of diseases on production

Effects of diseases on zootechnical performance

Longevity, growth, reproduction, milk production are all parameters potentially impacted clinically or subclinically by diseases.

Quantification of these losses is crucial for predicting the expected benefit of control measures, as well as for convincing decision-makers of the appropriateness of their implementation. This work is frequently conducted in partnership with the MODEC team in order to combine an observational and modal approach.

Work carried out during the period 2006-2010

  • Quantification of the effects of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infection (Map) on milk production and reproductive performance
    Estimating the impact of the CVM genotype on cow return rate
    Assessing the impact of respiratory diseases on growth performance

Current Projects

Ongoing projects concern the evaluation of the zootechnical impact of the following diseases :

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