The team has at its disposal experimental structures & a laboratory, analysis possibilities, equipment to carry out the projects.

Research within the APPIfish team can rely on the following equipment:

  • The bacteriology laboratory with a "forward march" type of operation, to receive biological material from field campaigns,
  • The molecular biology platform shared with other research units using, among other things, thermal cyclers and the pulsed field electrophoresis apparatus.
  • The aquaculture station (in fresh water) having a surface area of 445m² and including among others :
    • 3 rooms of maintenance of fishes including a room of acclimatization,
    • 2 experiment rooms for fish of all sizes include 12 aquariums of 40 liters for one and 22 tanks of 200 liters for the other.

Two strain libraries:

  • 1 field strain library with more than 1200 collected strains,
  • 1 reference strain library comprising 60 reference strains.


Ségolène Calvez - segolene.calvez(at)

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