Alumni 2018

Alumni 2018

They left in 2018:
Camanes Guillaume - PhD student

He has been contracted under the MIHMES project to work on modelling the spread of paratuberculosis in cattle herds (intra and inter herd).
He was with us from November 1, 2015 to October 31, 2018.

Duval Julie - Doctoral student then Contractual Associate Lecturer

Julie Duval obtained her PhD in 2016 in the UMR BIOEPAR entitled "Health counselling in agrobiological dairy cattle farming" (Thesis supervisor: N. Bareille). Since January 2017, she has been a contractual lecturer in pharmacology and reasoned therapeutics of antibiotics and antiparasitic drugs in animals. She worked in the Unit of Pharmacology and Toxicology and the UMR BioEpAR. See the thesis.

Fâche Evelyne - Senior Administrative Assistant DGER

Krebs Stéphane - Research Engineer INRA

Research topics: Animal health economics

Leray Françoise - Training and Research Technician

Meignan Thomas - PhD student

"Evaluation of the effects of the use of extruded linseed in dairy cattle farms". He was with us from 01/02/15 to 31/01/18. See the thesis.


Poizat Axelle - PhD student

She was working on the topic "Reduction of antibiotic use in the dairy and suckler cattle sectors: risk management, organizational consequences and levers for changes in practices". She was supervised by Nathalie Bareille, Christine Fourichon, Florence Beaugrand and Arnaud Rault. See the thesis.

She was with us from 01/09/15 to 01/09/18..

See the thesis

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