SANT'Innov - Innovating in animal product chains to reconcile greening and competitiveness: animal health perspective

Presentation of the SANT'Innov project

The context of globalisation and sustainable development is leading the animal product sectors, the mainstays of agriculture in the Great West, to seek a greening of production methods.

The Sant'innov project aims to propose and evaluate managerial, organizational and technical innovations to make animal product chains evolve towards a greening of the agricultural production stage while identifying gains in competitiveness for the chains. It is particularly interested in the consequences for animal health and the value chain of two major trends in the greening of livestock production systems: the use of grazing in dairy cattle production systems and the reduction of antibiotic use in dairy, beef cattle and pig production systems.


The choice was made to build Sant'innov with major non-competing players in the sector (Terrena, IDELE, IFIP AVPO). Some of them will participate in the production of knowledge and tools that they will be able to integrate directly to drive new innovations in their companies. Others will ensure the production and dissemination of productions to non-partner actors and end-users. The six scientific partners bring expertise in biotechnical sciences (zootechnics, epidemiology, infectiology) and in human and social sciences (economics, management science).

The expected results include knowledge in the humanities and biotechnical sciences to stimulate reflection (potential changes in advice, logistical re-organisation of the sectors, adaptive risk management methods, increase in value production) and methods and tools for their direct use by players in the animal product sectors (advice systems and risk analysis grid).

The project offers a very innovative approach to the issue of the greening of livestock farming, a subject in which animal health has been little addressed so far.


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