Automatisation of the software process from epidemiological models to decision support tools

The ATOM project (Automation of decision support Tools based On epidemiological Models) is funded by the Division of Partnerships and Innovation Transfer (DPTI) at INRAE. It aims at developing a process for industrializing the generation of decision support tools (DSTs) based on mechanistic epidemiological models.

Producing decision-support tools (DSTs) for health managers is a crucial issue in the valorization of interdisciplinary research conducted in predictive epidemiology.

This research aims to better understand, anticipate, and facilitate the control of infectious animal diseases and associated public veterinary health risks. A new generic modelling approach (EMULSION), based on Artificial Intelligence methods, facilitates the co-construction of epidemiological models between modellers, scientists from other disciplines, and health managers, and simplifies the revision and maintenance of codes. Nevertheless, research models are generally difficult for non-modellers to use independently.

The objective of the ATOM project is to develop a software chain for automatically generating DST prototypes based on epidemiological models described in EMULSION and endowed with additional specifications concerning the desired parameters, input data, scenarios to be compared and outputs of interest (epidemiological, demographic, economic). These prototypes can then be customised according to the specific needs of the end users, thus helping to reinforce a continuum between academic research and innovation in animal health.



Contact : Sébastien Picault

BIOEPAR members involved in the project :Sébastien Picault, Guita Niang, Vianney Sicard, Pauline Ezanno

Modification date : 11 September 2023 | Publication date : 27 May 2020 | Redactor : SP