Simulation-based evaluation of strategies for controlling health and reproductive problems in dairy cattle farming


Health is a  prerequisite for the economic profitability of a dairy farm. Predicting the return on investment in health management strategies is a complex task for farmers and their advisers. Simulation is the most appropriate tool for assessing the a priori benefits of a technological innovation envisaged by a project leader, whether public or private.

A pure UMR BIOEPAR product, the Dairy Health Manager (DHM) simulator is a high-performance, scalable virtual laboratory that accurately represents the herd in all its diversity and economic context. The software can be customised to provide health and economic results based on the health strategies envisaged for a given farm.

DHM functional features

Simulation: dynamics with a time-dependent, discrete-time mechanistic, stochastic and finite-horizon engine

Model: intra-herd centred individual (digital twin)

Modèle DHM Eng


Modules DHM


The simulator is able to use various zootechnical and health management levers to stochastically determine the effects on dairy farm results.

DHM offers a total of 354 different levers spread across the 7 functional modules for fine-tuning the configuration of a farm for simulation purposes. Product and cost values can also be configured to take account of market conditions.

These parameters can be set based on bibliographic data and actual farm data.


In its current version, DHM produces a suite of 15 results files that report on the functional modules described above.

Résultats DHM



Scientific communication:

  • JFSMA 2022 conference "Dairy Health Manager" : un simulateur multi-agents flexible pour l'étude des maladies des animaux d'élevage" (https://hal.inrae.fr/hal-03710369)
  • Report "Dairy Health Manager : Functional description and terms of use" (https://dx.doi.org/10.17180/NPMC-KH96)
  • 2023 Report "Quel intérêt économique pour un éleveur en élevage bovin laitier à adhérer à un contrat forfaitaire de soins vétérinaires ?" (French DGAl convention)
  • Presentation at various conferences in 2023 (JNGTV, SPACE, Breitz CarnoTech,...)


Internet: http://www.dairyhealthmanager.fr/

Open science: https://forgemia.inra.fr/


Nathalie Bareille (Professor) : nathalie.bareille@oniris-nantes.fr

Philippe Gontier (Design engineer) : philippe.gontier@oniris-nantes.fr




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