VacEasy : To promote vaccination in fish farms by evaluating vaccine protocols that improve technical feasibility

Project description

In order to limit the use of antimicrobials, vaccination is considered to be the best option for controlling infectious diseases in aquaculture. The bacterial diseases studied in this project will be furunculosis caused by Aeromonas salmonicida sub. salmonicida and lactococcosis caused by lactococcus garviae, two diseases that can occur concomitantly. In France, due to the unavailability of vaccines with marketing authorisation and the diversity of bacterial pathogens on farms, autogenous vaccines are preferred. To promote vaccination on fish farms, the aims of this project are to:

  • Understand the genetic and antigenic diversity of bacteria to explain the controversial efficacy of vaccination and adapt vaccine composition to the diversity of strains
  • improve vaccine protocols, particularly those using minimally invasive routes of administration such as administration via food or by immersion, in order to produce vaccines that are more effective and easier to use
  • evaluating bivalent vaccines to limit administration while controlling several infectious diseases


  • Campus Ceva Biocac
  • Labocea - Quimper site
  • GDS aquacole - Nouvelle Aquitaine
  • SNGTV - aquacole commission

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