Equibio: concept and approach for animal health and welfare in organic ruminant farming

"Maintaining the Balance: Concept and Approach for Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Ruminant Farming", a project funded under the GISA meta-programme.

In organic livestock farming, farmers and advisors attach particular importance to the notion of herd balance, a situation made possible by appropriate husbandry practices, and also to the ability to detect sanitary aberrations at an early stage.

EquiBio's first objective is to prove that these states of equilibrium exist. This will be achieved through a multivariate analysis of the simultaneous evolution, over several years, of health indicators that can be constructed from national identification and performance data for dairy cattle. Its second objective is to design innovative systems for monitoring herd health that will stimulate their adoption by dairy cattle and suckler ewe farmers and facilitate exchanges with their health advisors (extension of the action initiated in the project IMPRO).

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Nathalie Bareille - nathalie.bareille(at)oniris-nantes.fr

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