Food Valorization and Nutrition Insect Research

The AVENIR project (Alimentation Valorisation Et Nutrition Insecte Recherche), a collaborative programme made up of 6 partners, aims to support the competitiveness of the players in the Loire sector involved in the breeding and processing of insects by responding to the challenges facing society in terms of sustainable, high-quality production.


For 5 years, companies specialized in the breeding and processing of insects for human and animal food have been established in Europe and France. This emerging sector is a response to the challenge of demographic growth and the rise of the middle classes, which require an increase in the production of foodstuffs, particularly proteins of animal origin. The use of insects not only has many advantages for human health (nutritional value) but also for the environment (recovery of food waste, requires little water and space).

Research topics :

The project aims, on the one hand, to assess the microbiological risks for humans and animals during the insect rearing phase and, on the other hand, to develop processing processes that allow a good food value for the larvae produced.

Within the framework of this project, UMR BIOEPAR has developed a microbiological risk assessment method applied to insect rearing in France and has applied it to three consumer targets (Man; Poultry; Fish) associated with Hermetia illucens and Tenebrio molitor larvae before slaughter. A summary of the work is available in this poster presented at Insectinov3 2019:

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Persons involved in the unit:  Gabriel Chambonnet, Nathalie Bareille, Philippe Gourlay

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