Establishment of a reference framework for the taking of blood samples from salmonids in animal experiments

Description of project

Fish are the second most commonly used animal species after mice. By monitoring blood parameters over time, it is often possible to reduce the number of animals used and obtain more relevant scientific data. However, there is no specific guideline that defines the amount of blood that can be collected from salmonids. Our aim is to propose a set of guidelines for the collection of blood samples from rainbow trout, taking into account the specific physiology of the animal, the quality of the experimental results obtained and animal welfare. It will also help to define the conditions to be met when setting up longitudinal blood monitoring in experimental protocols (volume of blood to be taken, time of blood regeneration, quality of blood regeneration)

Staff involved

Antoine ROSTANG (contact person), Lionel PINEAU, Céline DAVID, Florine BACHELET, Ségolène CALVEZ, Jessica GUY (veterinary student)


JC INRAE and Académie PULSAR - Young Researchers of the Loire region


Modification date : 01 March 2024 | Publication date : 21 February 2024 | Redactor : AR