Alumni 2022

Alumni 2022

They came to us in 2022:

Aubineau Thomas

Thomas Aubineau (a veterinary surgeon employed by GDS Bretagne (Rennes branch)) remained employed by his organisation and undertook to devote 40% of his time to his thesis, which he completed in 4 years. He worked on the influence of feeding practices in dairy cows on hypocalcaemia and energy disorders around parturition and in relation to the occurrence of infectious diseases in the first few weeks post-partum. Her work was co-supervised by BIOEPAR and PEGASE (Anne Boudon) and funded by several feed companies.

Barosi Roxanne

Following two internships on tick-borne diseases, Roxanne BAROSI graduated from the Master EPI programme at the University of Montpellier. After working as a veterinary assistant in a mixed clinic, she worked as a research engineer in plant pathology at INRAE in Avignon. In particular, she developed a field-transposable detection method (LAMP) for the Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis (Cmm) bacterium responsible for bacterial canker of tomatoes.
Roxanne worked at BIOEPAR as a PhD student on the PiroGoTick project. She was supervised by Laurence Malandrin to study the genetic and antigenic diversity of the two agents of equine piroplasmosis in France. This knowledge was used, among other things, to assess the specificity of the diagnostic tests available on the market for this disease.

Bednarek Gaëlle

Gaëlle BEDNAREK worked in the APPIFish team for her Master 2 Man-Imal internship (31/01/22 to 30/06/22). Kenny Oberlé was her supervisor for this period.
She worked on the analysis of Pseudomonas genomes isolated from rainbow trout and highly resistant to several antibiotics. The challenge of this project was to determine the presence of resistance genes in the genome of these bacteria, as well as genetic elements that could potentially be transferred (plasmids, etc.) to other bacterial species that are potentially more pathogenic.

Biemans Floor

She obtained her PhD from Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands in 2018. She worked in the interdisciplinary field of animal genetics and quantitative veterinary epidemiology on the transmission of digital dermatitis in dairy cows, studying population transmission dynamics and host genetics.
After her PhD, she taught the course for masters students 'Management of infectious diseases in animal populations' for a year.
In February 2019, she began working at University College Dublin on a collaborative project with Bioepar's Dynamo group. The research topic concerns the transmission of Johne's disease between Irish dairy herds. As part of this project, she adapted the existing French regional model for use in Irish conditions and evaluated different control options.

Bionda Romane

Romane Bionda worked with the TIBODI team. She is a 2nd year IUT student at Laval.
Her work placement focused on the study of transplacental transmission of T. equi and B. caballi. This was part of the TRANSPIRO project funded under the ENVF AAP, in collaboration with VetAgro Sup in Lyon. It was supervised by Claire Bonsergent and Laurence Malandrin.

Chevalier Chloé

From 13 January to 24 June 2022, the TIBODI team welcomed Chloé Chevalier, a student on the Master 2 "Functional, Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecology" course (University of Rennes1).
Her work placement focused on "Characterisation of the nycthemeral rhythm of several tick species". She was co-supervised by Albert Agoulon and Olivier Plantard.

Fournel Catherine - Training and Research Technician DGER

Hachemani Thininane

Thininane was accepted on a 6-month M2 placement and began a statistical analysis of the BDNI, to characterise the determinants of live cattle trade in France. This work placement was supervised by Aurélien Madouasse and Arnaud Rault, as part of the ANR Cadence project.

Osseni Abdel

Abdel Osseni joined BIOEPAR as a post-doctoral student and was supervised by Arnaud Rault.

Rodrigues Léana

Léana Rodrigues, after completing a BTS in biotechnology analysis and control in Angers, joined the BIOEPAR unit on a sandwich course with the University of Nantes for a 3-year professional degree in Health and Food Biotechnology. She worked in the TIBODI team under the supervision of Maggy Jouglin. Her work involved developing a multiplex PCR for the detection of different Anaplasma species in small ruminants in Corsica. The research project was led by Laurence Malandrin.

Sabashirvan Aylar

Aylar Saba Shirvan has joined the AppiFish team to carry out research for his Masters course (ManImal programme) from 1 February to 30 June 2022.

She is a veterinarian in Iran and worked with Nora Navarro-Gonzalez on the project "Understanding the risks associated with recirculating aquaculture systems: dynamics of antimicrobial resistance in indicator bacteria and comparison with clinically important isolates". In particular, she has been monitoring the sources and persistence of antimicrobial resistance in our aquaculture station at Oniris.

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