Project DECIDE – H2020 – 2021-2026

Data-driven control and prioritisation of endemic contagious animal diseases in EU

Project leader: Gerdien Van Schaik, Uni. Utrecht & Royal GD, The Netherlands

BIOEPAR contributes to the European project DECIDE, led by the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands) (SFS-10-2020, 04/2021-03/2026).


DYNAMO is co-leading the work-package aimed at developing generic data analysis and mechanistic modelling methods to better understand the occurrence of respiratory and digestive syndromes in young farm animals, to anticipate their occurrence and to assess control strategies at different scales.


Partners: Uni. Utrecht (NL), Uni. Copenhagen (DK), Ghent Uni. (B), Uni. Liverpool (UK), ETHZ (CH), Uni. Nottingham (UK), SVA (SE), INRAE (FR), NVI (NO), IRTA (ES), SRUC (UK), AHI (IE), IDELE (FR), Innov. Agri. (UK), Royal GD (NL), AUSVET (FR), SLW (PL), LELY (NL), accelopment AG (CH).

Persons involved in BIOEPAR :Pauline Ezanno, Arnault Rault, Sébastien Picault, Gaël Beaunée, Sandie Arnoux, Sébastien Assié

Contact : Pauline Ezanno


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