Past members

Past members

They were here in 2023:
Carcel Aurore

She was recruited to BIOEPAR on 18 March 2019 as a research support engineer. She has been involved in budget management and communication for the COST SOUND-control project, and internal and external communication for the BIOEPAR unit.

Duarte Laurine

After obtaining a Master's degree in Biology-Health from the University of Bordeaux, Laurine Duarte joined the Immunocare team (UMR BIOEPAR), as a research technician in molecular biology. In collaboration with Caroline Hervet, Aline Perrin and Nicolas Bertho, she was involved in various projects based on improving the health and well-being of farm animals. Through her previous laboratory experiences, Laurine has also had the opportunity to enjoy research in different fields such as immunology and pharmacology.

Millar Nikky

After completing her doctorate in veterinary medicine in May 2019, Nikky Millar began a master's degree in veterinary sciences, option epidemiology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Université de Montréal, supervised by Simon Dufour (DMV, PhD) and Cécile Aenishaenslin (DMV, MSc, PhD). She is particularly interested in antibiotic resistance and the various systems for monitoring the use of antibiotics at the interface between humans, animals and the environment. The objectives of her master's degree were 1) to determine the impact of the implementation of a new regulation aimed at restricting the use of category I antimicrobials in dairy production on the sale of veterinary drugs in Quebec, 2) to study the factors associated with the reduction in the use of category 1 antimicrobials, and 3) to explore the main obstacles and facilitators to the implementation of this new regulation. A mixed-methods approach was used to explore these elements. Nikky is currently on a one-year research placement as part of her university course at ONIRIS, supervised by Christine Fourichon.

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