Vagabond : Use of geolocation for cattle grazing optimization

Project Summary

Technological innovations in terms of sensors and automatons allow an increasingly fine-tuned management of breeding activities. The tools available contribute in particular to better management of animal feeding and reproduction, as well as earlier detection and management of health disorders. This is precision breeding. There is also a renewed interest among farmers and consumers in the use of pasture for feeding cattle. In the Vagabond project, dairy cattle were equipped with activity and geolocation sensors. The objectives of the project are to evaluate these sensors for fodder resource management, for parasite management and for the detection of lameness. The project is the subject of an ongoing university thesis.


  • École Supérieure d'Électronique de l'Ouest (Western College of Electronics) (ESEO, Angers)
  • UR URSE, Higher School of Agriculture of Angers (ESA)
  • Terrena, (Ancenis)

Persons involved in BIOEPAR

Alain Chauvin, Aurélien Madouasse

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