PEPS: Herd and Public Health

PEPS: Herd and Public Health

Improving surveillance and control programs of endemic diseases in cattle populations to promote health, welfare and prudent use of anti-infectious drugs

PEPS aims to :

  • Describe and measure health states and their determinants
  • To characterize the behaviours of the actors of the animal sectors and their determinants.
  • Evaluate tools/methods for detecting and monitoring health conditions
  • Develop and evaluate control measures (technical, sociological, economic)

This work is carried out at different scales: Group/Herd/Holding/Territory

Our work concerns the main production diseases of cattle and pigs as well as non-captive wildlife.

Expertise and skills

  • Analytical epidemiology
  • Observational and intervention epidemiology
  • Clinical Trial under Good Clinical Practices
  • Bovine medicine
  • Risk analysis
  • Zoological medicine
  • Zootechnics and knowledge of production systems
  • Economics & Management Science
  • Parasitology

Research themes

  • Infectious and production diseases of cattle and pigs (Johne's disease, BVD, Q fever, infections -intramammary, respiratory disorders)
  • Metabolic diseases of dairy cattle
  • Wildlife Disease Surveillance
  • Zoonoses

Target species

  • Dairy and nursing cattle
  • Pigs
  • Wildlife (birds, small mammals)

Projets en cours

Team members

Scientific executives :

Scientific and technical support

PhD students & Post-docs

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