Animal Health in Organic Farming

The SAEB (Animal Health in Organic Farming ) network was created at the end of 2012 within the framework of the meta-program "Integrated Management of Animal Health" (GISA) with the aim of promoting the development of research in the field of animal health in organic farming.

The network works on organic farming, as a living laboratory for preventive and global approaches of animal health.

It aims to be an information and discussion group on researches on animal health management in organic farming systems. It aims also to develop research projects in this field in relationship with stakeholders and from an interdisciplinary perspective.

A diversity of scientific disciplines associating biotechnical sciences and social sciences (epidemiology, parasitology, physiology, zootechnics,...) and of animal species of interest are represented. It welcomes partners from the "French Institute For Organic Farming" and others from the field.


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For more information and to join the network:

Nathalie Bareille : nathalie.bareille(at)

Florence Hellec : florence.hellec(at)

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