François Meurens on France Info

Contamination in slaughterhouses: Intervention by François Meurens on France Info

Following a large number of SARS-CoV-2 contaminations in slaughterhouses, several experts were invited for an exchange on France Info on 18/05/20. Among them, François Meurens, virologist-immunologist at BIOEPAR.

Many cases of contamination have occurred in slaughterhouses in France, but also in other countries such as Germany, the United States and Canada. Why are slaughterhouses places of spread? What are the sanitary instructions, and are they more difficult to apply? Several experts have been contacted by France Info to interact on these questions. Among these guests, François Meurens, a researcher at BIOEPAR, spoke about the role of veterinarians and the multiple potential sources of contamination: increased risks in the presence of aerosols in closed environments, humid atmosphere that can damage masks or the dilapidated state of the premises. 

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Modification date: 05 June 2020 | Publication date: 05 June 2020 | By: AC