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The press is talking about PiroGoTick!

The PiroGoTick project, launched in May 2020, is making headlines in the press!

PiroGoTick is a national participatory research project on piroplasmosis and horses. It aims to collect data on the disease, the ticks, but also on the two parasites that are responsible for the disease: Babesia caballi and Theileria equi. Different parts of the project will provide an overall picture of the disease, with tick collections and blood samples taken from the participating horses.

This is a participatory science project: the material is collected on a voluntary basis and in collaboration with equine associations. Therefore, a lot of communication has been associated with the project, in order to reach as many horse owners as possible. The project has been widely disseminated in the specialised press and the general public, but also to equine associations at national level.

To date, 949 sentinel horses have been recruited at 140 sites throughout France, and 240 ticks have been collected.

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The project is led by UMR BIOEPAR, CISCO (Oniris International Horse Health Centre), RESPE (Réseau d'Epidémiologie Surveillance en Pathologie Equine) and the Association pour le Développement des Sciences Equines.

Find all the information, and how to participate on the project website: https://www6.inrae.fr/pirogotick/


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