ModStatSAP : Modelling and Statistics in Animal and Plant Health

Genetic, epidemiological and spatiotemporal aspects

The main objective of ModStatSAP is to federate the modellers and statisticians of the departments "Plant Health and Environment", "Animal Health" and "Mathematics and Applied Computing", other departments of INRA and other research structures, in order to increase the scope of modelling, mathematics and statistical research applied to the study of plant/pest and host/pathogen systems. The network is designed to accelerate the emergence of new ideas, approaches, methods and results:

  • in the circle of modellers and statisticians,
  • in an enlarged circle with epidemiologists, dynamics and geneticists of the populations,
  • between animal health and plant health.

Modification date : 11 September 2023 | Publication date : 12 June 2017 | Redactor : MDJ