Thesis Amandine Lurette

Amandine Lurette

Modelling to assess control measures for Salmonella carriage in slaughter pigs

Abstract :

A stochastic simulation model has been developed to represent both the pig and sow population dynamics within a farrow-to-finish herd and the indirect Salmonella transmission within this herd. The effect of parameters related to herd management and infection mechanism on the infection prevalence in groups of slaughter pigs were studied by sensitivity analyses. The interactions between herds within a production structure were represented by coupling several herd models. The role of sows in piglet infection and the batch management system are critical points to consider for the infection control. Within a herd network, detection samplings which estimated the Salmonella infection prevalence have to be adapted to improve this prevalence in a collective way. The methodology used is original and allows to study others control measures within a herd and within the pork food chain.

Key words :

Modélisation, Salmonelles, Porc, Stochastique, Simulation, Population gérée, Conduites en bandes, Mesures de maîtrise

Modification date : 11 September 2023 | Publication date : 29 June 2017 | Redactor : ML