Thesis Gourlay Philippe

Gourlay Philippe

Wild birds as carriers of biological agents: risk assessment and categorisation in Europe, epidemiological surveillance in mainland France

Abstract :

Surveillance of wild animal diseases is essential to control the risks for domestic animals, humans and wild animals themselves. The aims of this Ph. D thesis were, first, to determine which wild birds associated biological hazards have to be targeted in European surveillance programmes and, second, to identify current or potential data and/or sampling sources available in mainland France and able to take part to epidemiological surveillance programmes of first priority hazards.
In the first part, using an expert-based qualitative risk analysis, “biological hazard/wild bird order” pairs which have to be monitored in priority to control the risks for domestic animals, humans or wild animals are identified.
In the second part, epidemiological surveillance schemes currently in operation in mainland France are described as the potential of other stakeholders. The complementarity of the two to monitor wild bird diseases is shown.
Our work shows that many stakeholders are available in mainland France to perform epidemiological surveillances programmes of first priority hazards in Europe. Other items have to be taken into account to optimize funds and improve the wild bird disease surveillance in France and/in Europe.

Key words :

Biological hazard, wild birds, prioritisation, categorisation, epidemiological surveillance, risk analysis, expert, mainland France, Europe

Modification date : 11 September 2023 | Publication date : 29 June 2017 | Redactor : ML