Bertho Nicolas

Bertho Nicolas

INRAE Research Fellow UMR 1300 BIOEPAR Adress: Oniris site de la Chantrerie, CS40706, 44307 Nantes, France Team IMMUNOCARE, building G5 2nd floor Email : Tel: 02 40 68 77 03

Nicolas Bertho did his PhD in Immunology on the apoptosis of human dendritic cells, in the Laboratory of Hematology of the Faculty of Medicine of Rennes 1. His thesis defended in 2000, he did a 2-year postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA), in the laboratory of Hidde Ploegh, where he worked on dendritic cell/T-lymphocyte interactions in mice. In early 2003, he continued his career with a post-doctoral fellowship at the Centre Régional de Lutte Contre le Cancer in Rennes, France, where he studied the ability of human dendritic cells to migrate to the lymph node. At the end of 2004, Nicolas Bertho joined Jean Davoust's immunology team at Généthon (Evry), where he explored tolerance induction in mouse models.

In 2005, he joined INRA at the Laboratory of Virology and Molecular Immunology (VIM) in Jouy en Josas, in Isabelle Schwartz-Cornil's Immunology team. He then focused on the phenotypic and functional description of different populations of porcine dendritic cells and skin and lung macrophages in order to develop protocols for skin vaccination against influenza and PPRSV. He is also interested in the respiratory immunopathologies induced by these two diseases and he’s developing in parallel the pig as a biomedical model.

Author of numerous publications in international peer-reviewed journals, he participates in national (ANR, INCA) and European (H2020, ERANET, VETBIONET/NADIR) projects.

Today at BIOEPAR, while maintaining a focus on influenza and SDRP infections, he develops applied and cognitive research on the pathogenic impact of respiratory co-infections and the control of these diseases in pig farms, harnessing especially myeloid cells immune training.

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