Eyango Loïc

Eyango Loïc

PhD student UMR 1300 BIOEPAR Adress: Oniris site de la Chantrerie, CS40706, 44307 Nantes, France Team DYNAMO, building G4 2nd floor E-mail: loic.eyango@adventiel.fr

Background: I am an agricultural engineer from Unilasalle (Rouen campus), I also have a Master Of Science in data science that I completed in double degree during my last two years of engineering training. In terms of professional experience, I have done 3 internships in farms where I was able to put into practice my theoretical knowledge as an agronomist: soil analysis, crop rotation, accounting, animal health analysis, animal reproduction and feeding analysis.
I also realized 2 internships and a full time job (6 months) as a data scientist in an IT company in agriculture, here are some important projects on which I have worked on:
* NEC (body condition score): we created several artificial neural network models that estimate the body condition score of a bovine from images taken from a phone.
* POWSI: from satellite imagery, we estimate the volume of biomass available per field and we propose an optimal grazing route for cows.
* Farmwatch: we have created several neural network models that identify individual cows, track and recognize cattle behavior from live surveillance videos.
* Sneezy: we have created a neural network model that does sound analysis and recognizes different sound categories from pigs.

Thesis subject: I am currently doing a PhD in collaboration with a company (Adventiel) in order to deepen my knowledge through research in the field of artificial intelligence applied to agriculture. My PhD subject is entitled INSATIABLE "INnovating for Animal Health through the use of Artificial Intelligence with a predictive purpose - Application to Bovine respiratory diseases".
I will have to combine two methods of modeling which are the deep learning (artificial neural networks) and the mechanistic epidemiological modeling with an aim of predicting Bovine respiratory diseases. Several data types (Video, Image, Audio) are going to be integrated by artificial neural networks in order to produce health indicators of young cattle. These health indicators will then be integrated as the parameters of the mechanistic models which are going to predict the dynamics of bovine respiratory diseases.

Interests: I am passionate about data science in general (deep learning, mathematics, statistics, machine learning, computer vision) as well as its applications in the agricultural world: remote sensing, decision support tools.
I'm also a big fan of taekwondo (I'm in 2 years), travels (I've been to 8 countries...) and gastronomy.
For the next step of my professional project, nothing is decided yet: I did some teaching (mathematics in 1 year of preparatory class) so I am not against the idea of teaching or doing research (in the private or public sector).

My Contact :
* Linkedin: https://fr.linkedin.com/in/loic-eyango
* Email: loic.eyango@adventiel.fr

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