Arnaud Rault

Rault Arnaud

Arnaud Rault

Research Fellow UMR 1300 BIOEPAR Adress: Oniris site de la Chantrerie, CS40706, 44307 Nantes, France Team DYNAMO, building G2 1st floor Email: Tel: +33 (0)2 40 68 40 28

Arnaud Rault is an INRAE researcher in agricultural economics and he joined the BIOEPAR team in 2014. He holds a PhD in economics, on the topic “consequences and management of epizootic risks (Agrocampus Ouest). He also hols a master in agricultural engineering and he has previous experiences in the economic analysis of agricultural production. His research is focused on the microeconomics of agricultural production and he develops the analysis of production choices under uncertainty and strategic behaviours. His economic works namely aim at a better comprehension of the transmission processes of animal diseases.

Reasearch Topics Interests
  • Animal health economics
  • Microeconomics of agricultural production

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