Claude Rispe

Rispe Claude

Claude Rispe

Research Fellow UMR 1300 BIOEPAR Adress: Oniris site de la Chantrerie, CS40706, 44307 Nantes, France Team TIBODI, building G2 2nd floor Email: Tel: 02 40 68 40 00

Claude Rispe is currently a researcher in the "ticks and ticks pathogens" (TIBODI) research group from the BIOPAR lab (INRA/ Oniris, Nantes). Claude's first position was at INRA in Rennes (1996-2013), in a research group mainly working on the biology, genetics, and evolution of aphids (a sap-sucking enemy of plants). Claude spent a one year post-doctoral stay supervised by Nancy Moran (1997-1998) at the University of Arizona, working on the the evolution of bacterial endosymbionts. In the recent years, he worked on different models, principally the pea aphid, grape-vine phylloxera, and now ticks. The main methods used are complete genome sequencing and transcriptome sequencing. Claude's research approaches comprise comparative evolutionary genomics (gene families expansions, evolutionary rates), functionnal differenciation in gene families, and populational studies (trying to link genetic variation and potential adaptations).

Current function

TiBoDi team leader

Research topics interests
  • Genome sequencing
  • Transcriptomics
  • Evolution

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